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Below is a list of Gay friendly instructors that can help teach you everything from basic handgun / rifle safety lessons to some advanced handling and techniques.

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From a Professional Marine Corps. Marksman!

Instructor: John Sage - Southern CA.

John Sage served in the US Marines from 92-96 with the 3rd Amphibious Assault Battalion. While with 3rd Tracks, John was a company Rifle Coach, responsible for helping Marines qualify with a rifle to the highest level of achievement possible.

Class Types: John is a Marine Corps Double Award Rifle Expert who can offer basic gun safety instruction, basic marksmanship instruction, and field stripping and cleaning of a variety of weapons including but not limited to the AR-15 family of weapons, AK family of weapons, 1911 pistol platforms, Beretta 92F platforms, and revolvers and shotguns.

Class Cost: John can also advise on basic defensive tactics and movements. Depending on when and where you want to meet, there will NO charge for this information or instruction. Although if John is requested to travel long distances, some compensation for time and fuel will be required. In John's words: "I offer this instruction free of charge because I believe in the Constitution of the United States, that ALL people have the right to bear arms and defend themselves, that all are equal under the law and because I think people in gerneral should be nicer to everyone."

What's provided: Class attendees are responsible for their own ammunition and weapons.

Class Size: John can teach one-on-one, couples or groups of up to 10 people.

John's expert instruction is based on experience with virtually every caliber and kind of weapon (both rifle and handgun) coupled with expert Marine Corp training. John has been shooting and handling weapons for nearly 25 years.

Please take note!: Safety is the primary and constant focus. With simple safety protocol shooting is a safe fun and enjoyable hobby.

Please contact Gays with Guns outlining what your needs are and we will connect you to John.

Instructor: Chad Cheung - Southern CA.

Chad has over 20 years of firearms experience. He served honorably for eight years in the armed forces, and is now an active competitive shooter and instructor. He is the Team Captain of the / CGSSA Shooting Team, and in addition to team competition, he shoots at least two defensive pistol matches each month with the International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA). Chad holds NRA Certifications as a Pistol Instructor, Range Safety Officer, and is also a factory Certified GLOCK Armorer. Chad is currently classified as a Sharpshooter with IDPA and plans to shoot in the Central California Regional IDPA match this June in Winton, Ca this June. In addition, to defensive pistol competition, Chad also shoots in multiple High Power Service Rifle matches every year.

Chad currently sits on the Board of Directors for the Calguns Shooting Sports Association (CGSSA) which is a 501c(4) non-profit corporation dedicated to the preservation and expansion of the shooting sports and 2nd Amendment rights in California. In addition, I am the Calguns Community Chapter (C3) Leader for the Los Angeles area.

Whether you're looking to buy your first firearm, or are an experienced firearm owner just looking for some help on grouping, technique, or entering competition, Chad is here to help. From GLOCKs, to 1911s, he's shot and trained with them all.

If you're new to firearms, buying your first can be an overwhelming experience. He is not exactly sure why, but gun stores seem to not be the friendliest places for new and up and coming firearm owners to go and buy their first or second firearm. If you you're tired of going to a local gun store like Turner's, Gun World, Martin B Retting, and having them treat you like your stupid or beneath them, I'm here to help.

I primarily work one on one, but if you have some friends, I have no problem working in groups of two or three to help save on some costs. For firearm instruction, I charge by the hour ($60) with discounts given to groups of two or three. If you're planing on purchasing your first firearm, and you purchase two hours of lessons from me, I will teach you basic firearm safety and techniques, shop for a firearm, and find sources for ammunition, parts, and accessories. All range fees, and ammunition costs are in addition to my hourly rate and very from range to range. Let Chad know your needs and he'll custom tailor a program for you.

Please contact Gays with Guns outlining what your needs are and we will connect you to Chad.

Instructor: BayProfs - Northern CA (Milpitas).

BayProfs is a non-profit training organization that runs a monthly 8-hour NRA certified basic pistol course and also an infrequent NRA certified personal protection in the home course as demand requires. The basic course is $150 per student as of 2/2013, and everything is provided: 40 guns to be used during class, many kinds of ammo, hearing/vision protection, class materials, insurance, etc. [that is an excellent price!] The basic course leads to a NRA basic pistol certification, and an optional California state handgun safety certificate (standard requirement to purchase a firearm in California).

The organization has several certified volunteer instructors. Some of the instructors have bios listed on the BayProfs website and there are more that are not even listed. We typically have 8-12 instructors for a course of 15 students. Classes are held in Milpitas, California, and a schedule is on the website. Gay friendly / respecting..

Please contact Gays with Guns outlining what your needs are and we will connect you to BayProfs.