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Gays With Guns!

Going against the grain after Orlando shooting, LGBT group embraces guns

Jonathan Fischer is never sure who’s going to be more surprised when he, as he likes to put it, comes out of the gun closet — the gun aficionados who find out he’s gay or the gay friends who find out he likes shooting guns.

Nearly Every Mass Shooting In The Last 20 Years Shares One Thing In Common, And It Isn’t Weapons

The overwhelming evidence suggests the single largest common factor in all of these incidents is that all of the perpetrators were either actively taking powerful psychotropic drugs or had been at some point in the immediate past before they committed their crimes.

Gays With Guns: Post-Orlando, It’s On The Rise

It’s a new trend: Gays with Guns. And it’s a reaction to the Orlando terrorist attack. Trivia: The picture they used for the article was taken from our very first presence, years ago, that was protesting the City Council of Glendale from ending Gun Shows :)

Pelosi says Clinton struggles with white male vote because of 'guns, gays and God'

Donald Trump is beating Hillary Clinton among white men because guns, gays, and God, according to former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. “I think that, so many times, white — non-college-educated white males have voted Republican. They voted against their own economic interests because of guns, because of gays, and because of God, the three G’s.

USA on Track for Most Gun Sales This Year

The Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando last month marked the single largest mass shooting in American history. That helped make June the busiest June on record for gun dealers with background checks up nearly 40-percent compared to June 2015.

Knife Rights: The Unseen Side of the Second Amendment

Knife Rights, an Arizona-based advocacy group aimed at ridding states of existing bans on specific types of knives, is leading the fight against restrictive knife laws across the U.S.

Pink Pistols: LGBT Gun Owners Unite in Arming Gay Community

Meet national gay group dedicated to fighting homophobia with firepower – and why they think gay rights and gun rights are a natural fit

Gay Activist Switches His Vote to Trump

Trump is an a**hole, Trump is a clown, Trump is a motormouth buffoon. You don't have to convince me of that. But he's also the only person saying anything about putting the brakes on Islamic extremism...

Gays for Trump

A prominent gay Republican is coordinating an effort to mobilize a coalition of conservative lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) voters in support of Donald Trump, CNN has learned, a project that has intensified in the wake of a terrorist attack at a gay club in Orlando, Florida.

The L.G.B.T. Case for Guns

I’LL never forget the first piece of safety advice I got when I began my transition from the male body in which I was born to the female body I now occupy: Carry a whistle. If I was attacked, I was supposed to blow it in hopes it would alert some do-gooder to dash into a dark alley to break up a brutal hate crime.

LGBT turnout for free course surprises local shooting range

Houston - Shiloh Shooting Range in northwest Harris County, offered free gun classes to the LGBT community and hundreds of people responded.

LGBT gun rights group sees membership skyrocket after Orlando shooting

The gun club for LGBT people has roughly doubled in size to 230 members following this month's nightmarish shooting at an Orlando gay nightclub that left 49 dead and 53 injured.

VIDEO: Trey Gowdy Rightly Obliterates Obama Official Over 2nd Amendment

In wake of Orlando, gays should arm themselves: Otherwise, in gun-free zones like the Pulse nightclub, we're sitting ducks to maniacs and terrorists

There has been jubilation on the internet at the massacre of peaceful people who were killed because they were gay and they were Americans. That made them a “twofer” for the so-called Islamic State, or ISIS.

Gay People Respond To Gun Controllers: Stop Trying To Ban Us From Protecting Ourselves

In the wake of the Orlando terrorist attack, the worst strike on U.S. soil since 9/11, gay activists are speaking out about why gun control prevents LGBTQ people from protecting themselves.

The history of LGBT gun-rights litigation

As a result of the terrorist attack in Orlando, greater attention is being paid to the self-defense rights of sexual minorities. In Las Vegas, where many people work in nightclubs, the group Out For Liberty will be offering free firearms safety classes to LGBT nightclub employees...

Check it out Google map of Gay Friendly Nation wide firemarm training!

I never want to see my friends trapped unarmed and terrified in a situation like the one in Orlando, begging for their lives and saying “goodbye” to their loved ones while waiting to die...

LGBT Turnout for Free Firearm Training Course in Houston Blows Organizers away!

When the Shiloh Shooting Range in northwest Harris County, TX offered up free gun classes to anyone in the LGBT community interested in attending, they never expected the response they received!

Gun Owndership Amoung Gays is Skyrocketing

Gun sales are surging in the wake of Sunday’s deadly mass shooting in Orlando, Fla. The tragedy is generating new debate over gun control reform and the right to bear arms. Gun shops typically see a spike in customers after mass shootings. But this time, many are seeing shoppers they’ve never really seen before: More gays and lesbians.

Here’s What Happened When Gay, Libertarian Open-Carry Advocates Strapped on Their Guns and Attended a Seattle Pride Event

Over the past weekend, Seattle held a few gay pride events, too. That’s where Another group of pro-Second Amendment, gay libertarians decided to attend the Emerald City’s pride gathering and test its open-carry tolerance. And they were welcomed.

Gay Gun Rights Activist: Arm Yourselves!

Let's get one thing very clear. Gun control advocates disarmed the victims at that night club. Florida law states unequivocally that even a concealed carry permit "does not authorize any person to openly carry a handgun or carry a concealed weapon...

“Shock” find: early Constitutional scholar called 2A “palladium of liberty”

One of the first people to ever write a study of the U.S. Constitution believed the Second Amendment had everything to do with self-defense, and not militias. St. George Tucker wrote on the issue all the way back in 1803 in his work View of the Constitution of the United States, calling the right of the people to keep and bear arms a hallmark of liberty...

The Group that Wants to Arm Gay America

What if the Orlando clubgoers had been armed? Pink Pistols wages a battle to get LGBT people to carry. Within hours of the shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Gwendolyn Patton was on the case. She sat down, banged out a press release and posted it on her website. “This is exactly the kind of heinous act that justifies our existence,” it read.


VIDEO: Dom Raso: Now about that AR-15: Americans' Best Defense Against Terror and Crime:

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