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"Had any one of the Orlando victims been carrying a concealed weapon... "

Are you under the illusion Orlando was a one time incident? Or that the cops will ever get there in time? Time to stop deluding ourselves --it's not and they won't.

Owning a gun and learning how to use it right may just save a life, or a few! Maybe even your own. Gays With Guns promotes responsible, legal gun ownership with a goal to reverse the restrictive, prohibitive and unconstitutional concealed weapon permit process.

Gays With Guns!

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Gays With Guns is not about classifying LGBT people as different or setting ourselves as special or apart from anyone else. It's about reaching out to a minority demographic who might not normally be viewed as pro 2nd Amendment. We believe the 2nd is vitally important to our nation, our civil liberties, our self-defense and our peace of mind.

Gays With Guns (GWG) is a social / political group (insofar as the 2nd Amendment) who's primary purpose is assisting not only LGBT people but everyone in the community to learn responsible and safe use of firearms for self defense and recreation. A top GWG's goal is to encourage and support all people in the community who uphold Constitutional freedoms while promoting equality for all Americans.

Opinion Editorial: About that "Let's Have a Conversation on Guns" --the Latest in the Liberal's Refrain. By Bunny Keane

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Gun Rights are Civil Rights!
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From a Professional Marine Corps. Marksman!

Letter to Grace

A reply from Gay Patriot, GWG Director Marc W. to Grace Dolan Sandrino, a Transgendered Teen in Downey, California.

Truth about Guns in America that you won't see in big media --like:

Every year, guns are used over 80x more often to protect a life than to take one! Read this and MORE great charts and true figures.

Excellent read "If They Come for Your Guns..." by Dean Garrison. It is exactly what every American should be required to read if they truly love their country.

The Meaning Behind "Molon Labe", a Favored Gun Rights Slogan of Oregon Sheriff John Hanlin.

Why many Second Amendment hardliners — including the law enforcement boss investigating the Umpqua Community College shooting — have adopted the Greek phrase as a rallying cry against the real threat of gun confiscation.

Editor's Choice - You Won't see this on Big Media!

Check out this Auto-updating List of defensive gun incidents! Share widely because you'll never see this on big media! PLUS!:

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